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Guaranteed Financing On Reliable Vehicles Regardless Of Your Past

Why Buy From Us

Q: What do I need to finance?

A: All you need to qualify for our no credit check financing is your down payment, proof of income(one months worth of pay stubs, bank statements, or tax returns), a recent piece of mail with your name and address(preferably a utility bill), and valid GA drivers license. Also you will be required to maintain full coverage on the vehicle with a $500 deductible and Georgia Elite Auto Sales as the lien holder.

Q: Where do the vehicles come from?

A: All of our vehicles are sourced from franchise new car dealers in the form of trade-ins. Once we acquire the vehicles they then undergo an inspection process. We do any required reconditioning and maintenance to the vehicle to ensure that we are supplying reliable quality vehicles to our customers. We also ensure that each vehicle has a current Georgia emissions test.

Q: Why should I finance from Georgia Elite Auto Sales?

A: We offer a unique opportunity for our customers. Regardless of your prior credit situation we can get you into a reliable vehicle Guaranteed! Although there is no credit check needed to finance one of our vehicles, we will report to all three bureaus in order to help you rebuild or establish your credit! That means once you have paid your vehicle off you will have an established credit history!

Q: How does your financing work?

A: What we offer is an opportunity for our customers to purchase a reliable vehicle and build their credit regardless of their past!! No Credit Check is required. We only ask that you supply us with 3 simple documents and fill out a 3 minute questionnaire when you come in.

Q: What is Required to Finance?

A: All that is required to qualify for our No Credit Check Financing is 1. A Recent piece of mail with your name and address on it. Or a recent Utility Bill 2. Proof of income for the last 4 weeks(pay stubs, bank records, notarized letter from employer, Social security letter, etc.) 3. A valid Driver's License 4.Your down payment- payable in cash or money order.

Q: How much is the down payment for a car?

A: Provided that you reside less than one and a half hours from 3729 Winder Hwy, Flowery Branch, GA 30542 then we have a standard down payment for each vehicle which is listed in the inventory.

Q: How much are the down payments in general?

A: Our down payments vary depending on the vehicle and how far you reside from our location. They range from $800 to up to $2500 with most averaging between $1000-$1500. Keep in mind this is a high risk loan considering there is no credit is required so the nicer the vehicle the more we expect you to invest up front!

Q: How much are the payments?

A: Our payments vary based on the vehicle and range from $175 on the low end to $225 on the extreme high end, with most averaging at about $189. Our payments are collected bi weekly.

Q: What are the terms?

A: We only do short term loans usually between 1 year to 3 years tops. Most averaging around 2 years. Also keep in mind you have the option to pay the car off early which will save you interest and there are no early payoff penalties either!!!

Q: Can I pay monthly?

A: Yes we have customers that do it all the time! All you have to do is pay both of your biweekly payments at the first payment of the month and then you will not be due again for a month. i.e., If you have a payment on the first and the fifteenth then you would just pay both payments on the first and wouldn't be due again until the first of the next month.

Q: Can you set up the payments to be monthly?

A: We cannot. The lender that we use to back these loans will not fund us to do the deal unless the payments are set up in biweekly intervals, it's out of our hands!

Q: Do the vehicles come with warranties?

A: All of our vehicles are sold as-is. However you are encouraged to take the vehicle to an independent mechanic and have them inspect it prior to purchase. And of course you always have the option of buying an external warranty.

Q: How do I make my payments?

A: The best way to make your payments is directly on our website with your account number. You can also pay in our office with cash or money order. Or you can mail in a money order to our address. You can also pay with a credit or debit card with a 3% processing fee.